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Time for some introductions...

In the spirit of updating this space, here's a fun story for you!

On January 18th, in the middle of a week long -40 cold spell I took my xtrail on a little adventure.

With the back seats folded flat, tarps assembled and a couple of flakes of hay laid out for bedding, I took off on a 3 hour drive to Rainy River. In that little town sitting on the US boarder I found a house with a few goats wandering around in the cold sunshine and some of the funniest looking critters you ever have seen. After a little persuading, all four of the funny looking critters were piled into the back of my SUV and we began the 365km north to home.

Something I hadn't considered until I was showing my coworkers later that week the pictures I'd taken of my cargo before setting out on my journey... what would the cop have though had I been pulled over?

That's right. I brought 4 alpacas home in the back of my car.

Meet Alvin (the brown male), Linda, Betty White and I honestly can't remember the name of the fourth right now (the three white ones are all females)... I'm not very good at naming animal, as my cat, Cat can confirm.

The journey was surprisingly uneventful! besides Alvin not really wanting to settle down and walking all over everyone else, they all traveled beautifully. Alpacas naturally crush (that's what its called when they lay down) when they travel, which I was relieved to learn of as I stuffed them in the SUV, and they don't poop while traveling! So my journey smelled of hay and was quiet except the occasional hum from the back seat (if you've ever hear an alpaca you know what I'm talking about, if not, google it, you'll love it).

The horses took a couple days to warm up to the new roommates, the dogs don't seem too concerned. I'm looking forward to the thaw so the dogs can finally be with their new flock and projects left unfinished last fall can be wrapped up!

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