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new start

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to new beginnings. I'm sure this is in large part due to the spring season slowly rolling in, but also because I feel like new beginnings are coming for my own life as well. I've never been afraid of change, and my feelings now are no different, but I can't help but feel cautious about the optimism this time around.

As with everything in my life, I'm ready to leap forward with both feet in the coming months but I have to admit, as I'm getting older I find I'm tending to prefer the security of routine and as a result, the new starts I'm looking towards are a little daunting.

As you'll see on the site, the layout is changing to be more focused on my new business venture - that is baking. Call it the 'softest' business opening ever, I did graduate 9 years ago, after all.

I am still going to try to maintain my blog, and I'll still be trying to farm along, but things in my personal life (which I'm going to try and keep personal), make it such that I don't often have much to blog about. Like I said, things are changing.

The baking business is taking off!

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