• Shelly Musyj

You do what you have to...

Many of the things I've already learned on my journey to homesteading seem to centre strongly around the saying "you do what you have to do". 

On Sunday I was enjoying my hammock in the evening, crocheting, listening to some tunes while the chickens talked to me and the birds sang. 

Monday I was earning my way by doing garbage runs and washing the floor in the local hospital. 

In this age of modern homesteading, you do what you have to do. 

Some people manage to make their farm, their homestead, their main source of income. They are able to remain on farm and keep the lions at bay. Not this girl. 

I have found that the trick to keeping the dream alive while working off farm is to always live like you're on farm. Eat simply, move often and always be concious. 

One day I hope to be able to support myself and pay for the property 100% by the property, pastured pigs and poultr, homegrown vegetables, hand cut wood for heat... But for now I do what I have to do. 

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