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Sundays these days

I feel like it's a good idea for me to post now (in the early days of my homesteading life) what Sundays look like. With any luck in just a couple short years, they'll be very different and I'll look back on these leisure days with much the same envy that I currently look to the future with. 

Sunday began a little later than most days here, up by 8 (hey, I said leisure!) and out to feed and release the chickens from their coop. A morning of catching up on cleaning that has fallen behind all week before my parents came over for a late pancake brunch. Another couple hours of cleaning and laundry saw the place looking reasonably presentable before I settled down to a couple hours of crocheting in my (new!) hammock while my clothes dried on my (gorgeous!) new clothes line. To round out my day I cut back my multiple indoor basil plants and filled a few layers of the dehydrator with their sprigs to dry overnight. 

And that's it! I have no fences so they don't need to be checked or mended, I have no other livestock so my chores are short and sweet... things are so simple these days. My head is full of dreams and my heart full of hope for the future, but right now I'm living in relative leisure while looking longingly to eventual my bustling homestead life.

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