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Refrigerator Soup

The wind which was howling straight across this country (and I think even the one to the south), gusting to some insane mileage finally blew itself out yesterday. We were getting a few gusts today, the kinds that rock the whole house but nothing compared to the gales that we were blasted with all week. 

The chickens are all happy enough, although egg production did drop a little with all the wind. I haven't dared check on the only remaining hive to see how the bees are faring but I seriously hope they're alive! I certainly can't afford to replace them and their presence would sure be missed this summer. 

What to do in this small house and wannabe farm when the wind keeps you housebound? (Besides the obvious work) 

Refrigerator soup!

A pile of vegetables, some stock, a can of black beans, quinoa and spices. Pefect fuel to keep a body warm and running in this harsh Canadian climate. 

#homestead #chickens

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