• Shelly Musyj

Farm sitting and Christmas prep!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there!! And it sure feels like it!! We went from having a super awesome, super long, above average temperature fall... to bloody freezing!!!!

I spent the last couple days farm sitting for the neighbour while he was out of town for his (super awesome!!! I'm jealous!) annual sausage making party weekend with his family. This involved doing chores and keeping the wood stoves lit. Because if he super cold temperatures I decided to stay at the house yesterday which was sort of like camping out! I had a blast :) (and check out my sweet roommates for the night and the sweeet digs!!)

After a late night of fire watching I spent the day at my folk's place making Christmas cookies!

(It's all in the details!)

But really, check out my view (...from the outhouse 😉) last night!

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