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What this farmer does with an evening off?

I heard recently that it's almost impossible to survive solely on farm income. Some huge percentage of farmers must have an off farm source of income or they will not make it. And from what I've seen personally, I believe it. I follow Jenna at Cold Antler Farm, she's a graphic designer (yes, she does this from home, but it's still non-farm related income!). My neighbour has a small cattle operation... and is an architect. And even myself, I am a Financial Security Advisor on top of being a wanna-be-farmer.

So what does a farmer like this do with an evening (or dare we even ask for a day...) off??



But what you call we work, we call living. I spent my Monday off (every weekend is a long weekend for the self employed... and we work every long weekend...) mowing hay. No, I'm not referring to the legitimate hay mowing I do for the architect-farmer neighbour, I'm referring to my own front lawn that I've only cut once this year. And let me tell you, it was a chore and a half! 6 hours, 4 blisters, 3 fuel tank refills and 1 oil top up! That poor old Briggs & Stratton has seen better days, but after having he whole summer off... what did it expect?

You know something else about we the off farm income earning farmers? We DO know how to have fun and relax. Sometimes for us "relaxing" is delving into our beehives to see how the family is coming along, sometimes its exercising our horse, and sometimes it's even kicking back with a cold drink and doing nothing but listening to the wind in the trees and watching the chickens chicken around the yard.

So I did a little of that this week too. Went out for a boat ride with the boyfriend, checked out a waterfall, had a cold drink and enjoyed the late summer cruise around the lake.

So don't tell this farmer that she doesn't know how to relax. I just do it in my own way.

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