• Shelly Musyj

Have you heard the news??

Some exciting news from the Creek! Annie's Creek has been accepted as a concession vendor at Trout Fest this summer!!!

What does that even mean? Well if you're a regular patron of Annie's Creek on the Co-op, you'll have already noticed that you haven't been able to buy your favourite pierogies for the past couple cycles (they are your favourite, right?) For the rest of us (and by that I mean the chief prierogie pincher and myself) that means LOTS of pierogie making!! How many is lots? My goal is 3000 individual pierogis. I'll be selling them in portions of 6 so that's 500 portions! This may sound like a lot but I'm fairly certain that won't be enough... but it's my first gig so we'll see how it goes!

Are you Trouting this year??

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