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Fresh Blood

Holy, can you say busy weekend?

I took Friday off from my day job to tag along when my horse (and my mum's too!) was trailered to Steinbach Manitoba to do a month of training at Alidale Farms just outside of town. I've been planning to send him since the fall but honestly, he's been gone almost a week and it still doesn't feel real!

Max is a great horse, he's sensitive and responsive and is fun to ride but even a great horse can learn a LOT in a month of training! I am SO looking forward to him coming home in just over three weeks! I can't wait to get out on the trails with him! Mum and I have both said that we're going to be in the saddle at least 3 times per week this summer, I'm hoping for more! I'm also really hoping that some time apart from each other for the two horses at the stables will make it easier for me to take Max out for a solo ride, leaving Zaira (mum's horse!) behind without her pacing the fence the whole time!

After we dropped the horses off, mum and I hit up the local Thrift Store and let me tell you, the Steinbach Thrift Store is a force to be reckoned with! Three HUGE rooms of clothes, furniture, hardware and everything else you could possibly want! Being that I've got the new house to fill up, I was in heaven! I found some ADORABLE glasses and nice heavy stoneware plates and a casserole dish AND some vintage trivets for under $14!!!! I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks when I go visit my horse!

On Saturday morning a woman from Kenora came and bought one of my one too many roosters! I'm down to only 2 now and I like that number. Four was too many for my 11 hens, but having two is nice because when they're free in the yard they never want to stay in one big group for one rooster to guard but two can watch over them nicely.

Finally, in the evening a neighbor came back from her own trip to Steinbach with some fresh blood for the farm! I traded her two of my best Brahma hens for 2 of the brown layers she bought... and I bought two more off her! So now I'm back up to 6 browns, down to 3 Brahmas, my Orpington (Thelma!) and my little Annie. (and Fred and Roger the roosters!)

I'll give you an update on the bees as soon as I can, they're buzzing about now, enjoying the warm weather as much as I am!

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