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Who wants to be a Local Warrior?

Annie's Creek does! That's who!

I've been sitting on this news since last week, waiting until it was official, but now it is an now I'm going to spill!

A week ago a representative from the Clover Belt Local Food Coop pitched the idea of entering a local food competition styled slightly after the tv show Chopped Canada / Master Chef, only this one is called LocaWars!

The initial idea was for 4 local restaurants to compete showcasing local ingredients and potentially feature their dishes from the competition on their menus.

Where does Annie's Creek come into this? I'm a tiny ranch, not even in full Co-op production yet! (I've been working at a bit of a "soft opening" to the business!) I'll tell you where Annie's Creek comes in!

When the Co-op rep stopped by she was looking hard to find someone to fill the spot of one of the restaurants that just pulled out. It was very last minute, the restaurant had backed out on Wednesday and filming was set to begin on Sunday! Of course I jumped at the idea! I'm not a professional chef by any means, I've worked in a few restaurants over the years (a couple dives, a couple nice ones), usually in front of house positions (I love food but I also really love hospitality, the show and interacting with the guests!) but I figured, What the heck? Lets go!

On Sunday (after nearly selling out AGAIN with this weekend's order cycle! and adding a new product!) I went to the PACE building (and the headquarters of the Co-op!) and got the low-down on the competition and did a little prep! I don't want to give away too much of the magic, but what I can tell you is that my protein to work with is going to be bison! That'll be interesting as I've never actually cooked with bison!

I've already got a pretty good idea what I'll be preparing, stay tuned here to the blog, maybe I'll give you a bit of inside information ;)

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