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Sell Out!

Another order cycle on the Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op's website has come to a close and for a second week in a row I'm pleased with how well I've done!

Last week I sold out all 11 dozen pierogies I had listed. This week I had originally listed 25 dozen, but a lady came to the house to make my first Farm Gate purchase! (I was so stoked!) She bought 5 dozen so I only had 20 dozen available on the co-op and I sold 19 of those! That's 35 dozen in my first two weeks! Not enough to retire on... but not too shabby!

Work on the house is coming along slowly, the only thing holding me up from moving in is the lack of a bathroom! The new walls to support the shower have been framed, all that's left is to do a small amount of plumbing, hang some walls and mud, paint and install the fixtures.

.... it looks so simple when you put it all down like that but it feels like it's taking forever!

I'll share some reno pictures once things really take off, then more when I'm actually moved in. I'm sure that'll be soon... but not soon enough, I'm an impatient girl!

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