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New Home, New Name, New Site!

Welcome to the new home of smooshe!

Since purchasing my new home (soon to be farm / homestead!) back in November I've been trying to come up with the perfect name for my favourite little imperfect piece of paradise.

I've always wanted to pay homage to my favourite TV series of all time (McLeod's Daughters... I'll forgive you for not being familliar with this Australian drama that went off the air in 2009), but I just couldn't see names like Killarney, Drover's Run or Wilgul fitting into the Northwestern Ontario landscape.

Still wishing to play on my obsession with the Australian pastoral station theme I ran across a list of the largest stations in Australia and was struck with an idea by the first name - Anna Creek - on the page (located in South Australia, that station is larger than Israel... my farm is slightly smaller). I've already described my property as my favourite albeit imperfect... a pretty accurate description for Annie.

Who is Annie, you ask? My favourite imperfect little chicken.

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